Jeffrey Gilliam

Singer/Songwriter & Pianist


Do you ever feel like your driving a lot but the road never seems to end?  Me too.  Sometimes you just need some ocean breeze.

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Jeffrey Gilliam has a strong piano style and a voice that floats above it.  Take the pop sound of Coldplay, mix in a little quirkiness of Ben Folds and a dash of Bruce Hornsby’s versatility.  It’s something like that.  Jeffrey’s paid his dues playing with different bands that were doing shows with Elton John, India Arie, Ani DiFranco, STS9, Mickey Hart, Particle, The Flaming Lips, String Cheese Incident and more.  Now he’s striking out on his own and having a blast singing his unique style of piano pop. 

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About the Songs

Ocean Breeze

Take My Time

There’s many times in life when things get pretty rough.  I’ve learned to take my time and trust in the bigger picture.

Layers Of The Sun

Sometimes it feels like peeling the layers of the sun trying to get to the core of my feelings.

In My Brain

This song is more abstract in style.  It’s mostly about all the crazy, ecstatic and horrific extremes that are in my brain.

Crying The Rain

My take on a country song.  Are they your tears falling from the sky today because the rain makes me miss you.

I Saw Forever

I lost a dear friend that I grew up with and this is a tribute to him.  Sometimes deep loss opens the door to the infinite.

Treasure Island

The title track of the CD is a love song saying I’m richer than rich when I’m with you.

Jah Myrks

I wrote this for an incredible woman nicknamed “Jah Myrks” who has given so much to communities in Jamaica.

King Of The Chill

Men are on a mission, generally speaking, and a woman might think he’s being cold. He’s just being a man.

The Love Abyss

I imagine some of you can relate to Love being like a big black hole that sucks you in, for better or worse.

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